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'69 Mach I R Code Restomod 9T02R157058
This factory Acapulco Blue / white interior Mach I has been given a high dose of horsepower with the installation of a '66 dated 427 Cross bolted side oiler block stroked out to 485 inches. Power is transmitted through a beefed up iron tail C6 automatic with custom modified torque converter, all the better as you should probably hold on with both hands when this thing cuts loose! Control is maintained by a modern rack and pinion steering system and four wheel power disc brakes. "Shaker" hood scoop, Boss 302 style headlight blackout, front spoiler, rear window louvers. Power rack and pinion steering and four wheel disc brakes, American 200S wheels on lowered suspension. Built in 2005.
See the attached write up for the extensive list of features. Professional build quality, with stunning paint and extraordinary attention to making the entire package perform harmoniously. It has a whole lot of attitude but will not beat you up when you drive it! Don't confuse this with amateur examples that are nothing more than a car with a lot of parts thrown at it.
Shown in its debut last month in my booth at the Atlantic City Classic Car Event, where it garnered a lot of attention. Although hunkered down on a lowered suspension, it maintains a largely stock appearance. This extends to beneath the hood, where the aluminum intake and heads have been disguised and painted Ford corporate Blue to look like an ordinary CJ.

Original "66 dated 427 side oiler short block fitted with 4.250 Skat stroker crank = 485 cubic inches
Develops approximately 525 HP @ 5800 RPM and 575 ft/lb torque @ 3200 RPM
Ford OEM all metal shaker assembly with snorkel
Holley 850 cfm vacuum secondary carb w/ dual inlet front bowl for correct fuel line placement
Blue Thunder aluminum intake - slightly higher carb pad than OEM
Edelbrock aluminum heads w/ logos removed - 2.09" intake valves
Edelbrock aluminum water pump w logos removed
Engine painted Ford corporate blue to provide stock exterior appearance
Crower solid lifter cam & crane roller rockers
FRA tri-y style headers - full ground clearance beneath the car
Pertronics electronic distributor
OEM radiator, shroud, fan/clutch

Factory Cobra Jet C6 automatic trans with cast iron tailshaft, rebuilt with Ford racing wide ratio gear set
Custom fabricated torque converter
3 1/2" diameter aluminum driveshaft
31 spline Nodular differential case with Detroit Locker- 3:25 drive ratio

Randalls Racks rack & pinion steering kit
Master Power brakes rear disc brake set up
2 - 1/2" diameter X pipe custom fabricated exhaust system with stock quad outlet tips
American Racing 17" diameter 200S wheels - powder coated outer lips with blacked out spokes
Cal Trac rear traction bars

Professionally build quality - All modifications engineered to work smoothly and harmoniously
Fully sorted out to be a reliable street driver
Show quality paint finish and body fit
Crisp OEM style fully restored interior
Cleanly finished underneath and in the trunk

Full photo portfolio coming, price TBA